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Post-Pandemic Education: How AI Teaching Assistant Effectively Serve Students, Faculties and Universities

We bring AI Teaching Assistants to the forefront, understanding the pain points of educators and how EdTech can serve students, faculties and universities.
Hear from our CEO Yvonne as she demonstrates our solution, use-cases and answers questions from educators.


Automating Common Tasks

We discuss how we can manage our time more effectively, by leveraging some popular tools, and simple processes to automate these tasks, so that we can spend time on the things that can make a bigger impact in our work performance.

Taking Care of Employees and Customers in Times of Crisis

In challenging times like these, how can we continue to engage with our customers and employees, communicate regularly, and continue to meet their needs? How can we leverage technology to bridge the physical distance?

Mastering Online Dialogue

Messaging channels, like Slack, WhatsApp, Skype can be a great way to stay connected and build rapport with your learners and customers. We'll share tips and guidelines on how you can keep these engagements productive and useful.

Mastering Online Engagement

Engaging your virtual audience online requires careful planning and following a set of guiding principles. Join us on this webinar as we explore the ways you can keep your audience engaged, even when you can’t see them!

Mastering Online Content

How do you structure and present your content? We'll share some guidelines and tips on how you can transform your current content to engage your online learners, customers and teams.

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